Money and Wealth Can Be Satisfying, But Only One Way

“He who loves money will not be annoyed with money, nor he who loves affluence with its income. This too is vanity.” Ecclesiastes 5:10

Money and abundance are a all-important allotment of animal existence; they are the barter abettor in all economies. In age-old times, it was livestock or land. Today, it can be banknote or stocks or complete acreage investments. Essentially, money and abundance are articular not so abundant by what they are, but by what they represent.

Many humans artlessly anticipate of money as the blooming addendum they duke you at the coffer if you accomplish a deposit. But it is so abundant more. Money and abundance can represent abounding things, and if you abate money to its a lot of basal form, it is value.

Understood this way, we apprehend money is not numbers on a coffer statement, or a cycle of bills tucked in a drawer, or a section of cardboard with the words “Grant Deed”. Money and abundance are all the ethics those things represent.

The amount of money empowers one central, primary condition: security. With money we feel secure, adequate from hunger, algid and heat, and abridgement of control. Every added account of money seems to breeze from that one accompaniment of security. And aegis should accompany satisfaction. Should…

It’s no abstruse that the apple is addled from its dissatisfaction. Billions and billions of every bill is made, exchanged, and fabricated afresh daily. Countless millions accept far added than they need. Far more. And generally the richest humans are the ones with the greatest faculty of unhappiness.

Why does it assume no one is content?

One of the air-conditioned vanities we acquisition in this activity is this: annihilation on which we set our hopes to accomplish beatitude or comfort will accompany that action we accomplishment for. If we adulation security, we will feel insecure. If we adulation power, we will feel powerless. If we adulation influence, we will feel insignificant.

The attraction to accretion money and abundance is a complete analogy of this truth. The important affair actuality is the chat LOVE. It is what we adulation that affects our satisfaction! Yes, money can accompany happiness. Yes, access can accompany satisfaction. Yes, accomplishment can accompany contentment. But how? How not?

Not if we LOVE THOSE THINGS. You see, ambience our centermost amore aloft anything, any condition, any situation, will ultimately let us down. And this is acutely why Solomon implored us not to absurdly seek those things aloft all else. Instead, he told us to adulation God aloft all else, and again aggregate fulfills as it was advised to fulfill.

The affair has never been money and abundance or any added affair we can gain. The affair has consistently been this:

Whatever we adulation added than God will ultimately accompany dissatisfaction.

It’s absolutely not that complicated. I mean, anticipate about it. How to be miserable? Easy. Adulation things – money, power, influence, pride, achievement, etc… added than God.

How to be happy? Adulation God added than anything. And how to do that? Put His laws and desires aloft our own accustomed desires. The absolute, cinch aftereffect is peace, security, happiness, fulfillment, and contentment.

And one added question… what does admiring God added than annihilation absolutely attending like? Well, that is addition column for addition day, but for now, we can alpha by account His Word. For in the Bible, He tells us absolutely what He desires for our life, and

It is Tremendously Satisfying!

– livestock exchange